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A dental emergency is a type of medical emergency involving the teeth or gingiva. Pain involving these parts of the mouth, even when minor, can indicate a severe underlying problem that could worsen with time. It is important to contact a dentist as soon as possible for a professional evaluation to minimize damage to the teeth, gums, and supporting bone.

You may need emergency care if you have:

  • An injury to your teeth
  • Severe bleeding in your mouth
  • Swelling around your mouth area
  • Dental pain

Any dental emergency like an injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment.

Mandible Fracture:

Mandible fractures are a frequent injury because of the mandible's prominence and relative lack of support. As with any facial fracture, consideration must be given for the need of emergency treatment to secure the airway or to obtain hemostasis if necessary before initiating definitive treatment of the fracture.

Maxilla Fracture:

The maxilla represents the bridge between the cranial base superiorly and the dental occlusal plane inferiorly. Its intimate association with the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and orbits and the multitude of structures contained within and adjacent to it make the maxilla a functionally and cosmetically important structure.The maxillary tuberosity is especially important for the stability of upper dentures.

Fractures involving the maxilla often cause a lot of swelling, so surgeons might delay treating a maxillary fracture for a couple of days until the swelling has gone down. CT scans may be used to get a clear picture of the fracture.
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