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Whitening Specials:  
To make sure your smile will look as beautiful as you are on your wedding day schedule a complementary consultation. Your ultimate accessory that you and your bridal party can bring to the wedding is a pearly white smile. Don't be one of the millions of people who did everything for their wedding day like buying flowers, renting tux's and gowns, getting a photographer, but in the end regretting not getting a beautiful smile. Your wedding photos will reflect your smile which everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Smile Craze Dental Care offers Zoom3 laser and many other teeth whiting programs which will brighten your teeth on average of 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes.Wedding Packages, Beautiful Smile Before Your Wedding Day, Five Star Wedding Packages. Smile Craze Dental Care will create a picture perfect smile for you and your guests on your special day!

Whitening Specials: 
Zoom3 Laser Whitening Packages include: 
  • Zoom3 Laser Whitening for Bridal Parties of 4-6 people.
  • Zoom3 Laser Whitening for Bridal Parties of 7-10 people.
  • Zoom3 Laser Whitening for Bridal Parties of 11+ people.
  • Zoom! In one Weekend Professional Take Home Whitening Kit

We recommend a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam prior to having your teeth whitened. 

Beautiful Wedding Smiles

Smile Craze Dental Care has been involved in the bridal scene for many years and has participated in many bridal shows and events. We have built a strong rapport in the Bridal world. Smile Craze Dental Care not only gets its exposure from the attributes in the print world, but also is devoted to the human interaction with its potential clients.

Its a known fact – dentistry can change your life and take you to a bright future. A beautiful smile can make you feel better about yourself, more self-confident, more youthful, and more energetic. During your hectic schedule making arrangements for flowers, invitations etc., schedule a dental appointment too! Just say "I do" with the beautiful smiles you've always dreamed about. Schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultations at least a year in advance so you'll have time to make all the changes you want at least two months before the wedding. Your wedding photos will reflect your smile which everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Here are the top tips every bride or groom needs to know about a beautiful smile for the Wedding Day:
  • A Bright smile will make you look beautiful on the outside and make you feel great on the inside.
  • One of the easiest things you can do to improve your smile is to have a regular checkup and cleaning every six months or more if needed.
  • A perfect smile can be ruined by gum disease, which causes red, swollen and puffy gums. A thorough cleaning and polishing at least 2 weeks before your wedding can ensure healthy gums and fresh breath for your big day.
  • Daily brushing and flossing will keep your gums healthy. Dental checkup may reveal any decay or worn fillings in the front teeth, which can cause brown spots or stains.
  • Bleaching is a must for anyone who wants a Quick, Painless, Bright Beautiful Smile Makeover - unless your teeth have crowns or veneers already. If you decide to bleach your teeth make sure to avoid staining foods like tea, coffee, red wine and berries so your teeth will stay their brightest. If you choose trays or strips, do a touch up the night before your big day. Your teeth are always the whitest if you apply the trays or the strips the night before and the morning off your occasion.
  • Last minute tooth contouring allows cosmetic dentists correct minor defects in the shape and appearance of a tooth through a process referred to as tooth contouring or tooth reshaping.
  • For a complete smile makeover before your wedding you may consider other cosmetic dental treatment available to you. They include: Cleanings, Bridges, Lumineers, Cosmetic Procedures, Root Canal Therapy, Braces, Fluoride Treatments, Crowns, Porcelain Crowns, Gum Surgery, Root Canal Surgery, Invisalign, Mouthguards, Dentures, Porcelain Veneers, Non Surgical, Treatment, Minor Tooth Movement, Sealants, Fillings, Dental Botox, Biopsies, Retainers, Implants, Dental Collagen, Injections, Extractions, Composite, Bonding, Whitening, Tooth Colored Fillings.
  • For the Wedding Day, prepare a Bridal Dental-Emergency Kit Bring along some Vaseline to put inside your upper lip. This will limit the dryness of your lips that comes from showing your beautiful smile to your guest and cameras. It'll also help to prevent your lipstick from getting on your teeth.
  • Have a travel toothbrush with toothpaste and travel size container of mouthwash to neutralize bad breath odors instead of masking them.
Your beautiful smile will be a splendorous for everyone, making us feel honorable and reason to do give more awesome smiles ever.
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